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Our Divisions

Our company, and our services, are enriched by the collaborative effect of the businesses who join us as divisions of Craig & Rhodes. Our combined and diverse capabilities generate our capacity to deliver for clients throughout NSW, ACT & VIC.

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Storm Logo

Our Storm team expertly delivers our Stormwater Engineering services. Located in our Richmond, VIC office, we provide integrated flood control and water quality outcomes for our clients.


McGlashan & Crisp is our regional team delivering the Craig & Rhodes suite of services from our Taree office in the Mid North Coast of NSW.

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MetroWater are our water & wastewater experts. Located at our Rhodes, NSW office, we manage all aspects of sewer and water reticulation and trunk servicing requirements.

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Corporate Team Shot of Storm Employees

Storm: History

Storm, originally Storm Consulting, was formed in 1997 at an exciting time for the stormwater industry.


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Storm’s goal was to provide environmental enhancement through water quality and ecosystem improvement.

For 10 years Storm operated only in NSW, and then in 2007 opened our current office in Melbourne, VIC. 

In 2017, Storm became a division of Craig & Rhodes, expanding our service offerings to include Stormwater engineering.


McGlashan & Crisp: History

McGlashan & Crisp was established in the Mid North Coast in 1850, making the surveying firm one of the oldest in the area.

The long chain of surveyors who carried ownership of the business across 170 years include John Hall, Joseph Andrews and David Sharpe. Three years before World War II, Stewart McGlashan purchased the practice and on his return from war, employed Brian Crisp.


(above) Brian Crisp with Craig & Rhodes CEO Andrew Halmarick

Brian’s son Greg joined McGlashan & Crisp in 1991, who owned the business until it was amalgamated with Craig & Rhodes in 2022. Greg Crisp is still working as Registered Surveyor for McGlashan & Crisp, a division of Craig & Rhodes today.

MetroWater Logo

MetroWater: History

The Craig & Rhodes MetroWater team was formed in 2009 to provide a wide range of water and wastewater consulting services.

In 2018, the MetroWater team was awarded a new Water Servicing Coordinator contract under Sydney Water’s new accreditation scheme. In addition to Sydney Water’s accreditation, MetroWater is also a Hunter Water’s Accredited Design Consultant with accreditation categories in designing water and sewer reticulation, pump solutions, pressure sewer systems and trunk infrastructure.

Today, they form an integral part of the wider Craig & Rhodes engineering team and continue to operate out of our Rhodes, NSW office.