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Our Clients

Our clients benefit from our multi-disciplined, collaborative approach to any development or project.

For every project our teams share ideas, innovation and experience to produce outcomes that deliver exceptional results.

Our range of capabilities are what makes Craig & Rhodes an experience, not just a service.

“Consistent service and reliable personnel make Craig & Rhodes a key supplier and good to do business with!”
Rob Curlewis
Development Manager
“Craig & Rhodes is a leader in its field by staying up to date with latest technologies and the workings of the LRS”
James Dunbar
Senior Development Manager
“The Craig & Rhodes team are second to none”
George Popovic
Senior Development Manager
“Craig & Rhodes have provided excellent advice to date. They have achieved the quickest timeframe through LRS. We are very confident in the work they provide. ”
Denis Ghersinich
“Craig & Rhodes are problem solvers and proactive thinkers who deliver intelligent solutions.”
Michael Braithwaite
“The comprehensive work done by Craig & Rhodes in terms of advice, reporting and plans are notably accurate, informed and reliable. We are confident we are receiving the quality of service required in the way of more hours invested by C&R and subsequently higher quality outputs. Craig & Rhodes have delivered with professionalism, reliability and unquestionable quality over the past few years, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”
Daniel Noaeen
Senior Development Manager
“Craig & Rhodes’ expertise is renowned as the best in the industry. Their attitude is always to work as a team to deliver the best outcome for the client. They are always a pleasure to work with and their input in strategic planning for projects is invaluable.”
Michael Ragg
“Craig & Rhodes is well established in the industry and provides a high amount of professionalism compared to other service providers”
Domenic Zappia
Project Manager
“When it comes to Craig & Rhodes you’ll get clear communication, value for money and only have to ask for something once. They are proactive problem solvers and the services provided far exceed the standard offered by the consultants we have used in the past”
John Beck